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Your pup may be doing things you don’t want. You may think that he/she is being bad or he/she just doesn’t listen. They are stubborn. They are “alpha”. What if I could teach you ways to help your dog learn that you are partners, that you want him/her to know that when they do something you want, fantastic things happen and they will want to do more of that? My training is based on positive training from many different highly recognizable science-based dog training academies and schools. You will learn how to recognize when your dog is giving you behaviour based on fear, uncertainty and stress. You will also learn that all dogs build confidence and learn when they are enjoy their experience through game-based activities and fun ways to learn.
    1. Puppy Training
      Puppy training classes are an eight-week program that run on the same day weekly using Zoom while we are still under quarantine and social distancing measures. Virtual training is highly effective and goes beyond the weekly live session. Class members are part of a private Facebook group where recordings of sessions are shared, notes are given, as well as additional training videos and resources related to the group’s priorities. This is an enriching and effective way to meet other dog owners and learn as a group.
    2. One on One Training
      If you feel that a group setting is not for you and you would like private time with me, this is for you. In our private sessions, we will deal specifically with what you are experiencing with your pup and I will tailor my sessions with you to focus on you and your pup. These sessions will be recorded, whether in-person when possible and when we meet virtually. I will provide you with additional video training in between our sessions and I will share additional resources that are specific to you and your pup. This is the ultimate in learning what is possible for you and your pup.

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