Dog Enrichment Activities the Simple Way

Meet Toby – he’s one of our past rescues who is now a member of our family, from San Antonio, Texas. He came to us in September from Homes for Paws Dog Rescue as a feral dog who lived on the streets since his birth.

At nine months old, he was afraid of all people and so many everyday things, including doors opening and closing, loud noises, sudden movements of people or objects, etc.. The list was quite extensive.

What we loved about Toby was his playfulness, despite his fear, and we absolutely wanted to build on that.

Dog Enrichment Activities with a Ball

Because we didn’t know him well except for his constant uncertainty and fear of so many things, we explored different dog enrichment activities with him, and yes, playing with a simple ball was one of them.

Seeing his playful puppyness come alive with the ball was so much fun and endearing to watch. Check out how truly happy he is. There’s not an ounce of fear as he plays with his ball.

In this video, Toby is recorded playing ball all on his own. It’s absolutely beautiful to see. For a pup who was living in so much fear, seeing him be so playful and happy just made our hearts smile.

Although it may look like a simple ball, for Toby, it’s a big confidence booster. He’s learning to trust being around me. He’s learning to play with something new. And he’s coming out of his shell, living without fear. Those are wonderful things to see!

Toby giving Pete some love as he becomes more confident and comfortable, something incredible to experience.

To discover what is possible for your pup, be curious! Be curious about things they love. Give them plenty of different toys to play with and experiences to try. You will soon discover what makes their heart smile too – and when you do, be sure to give them more of that!

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