Dog Camp Experience Started with Mia’s Wish

On June 28th, 2019, our beloved Mia took her last breath and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We had been fostering our first rescue at the time and Blue, now named Loki, was adopted the day after Mia’s passing.

We were devastated and heartbroken. Mia was 11 1/2 and she left behind two other pack members, Jayda and Koda, her Siberian Husky siblings. We were all grieving so very much.

A week later, the local rescue that we were working with asked if we would take in an 8 week old puppy from Iqaluit. We weren’t sure we could do it but after seeing her beautiful face, we said yes, and Mia’s Wish truly began.

For the next two weeks, Luna, a Corgi/Husky mix female, softened our grief and helped us to love again in a whole new way. She brought laughter, love and fun in a home that was saddened by Mia’s passing.

Through the experience with Luna and Loki, she knew we wanted to continue to foster rescue dogs. Pierrette, also known as Pete to her family and friends, wanted more. She had a natural gift of training dogs and people started calling her the dog whisperer online.

Dog Camp Dream Is Born

With this new-found passion and deep desire to help more dogs, she enrolled in professional dog training certification courses to further enhance her 28 years of dog experience so she could better serve her fosters and their families.

Since that time, she has completed the Karen Pryer Comprehensive Dog Training Certification Program, she is completing two other professional dog training programs and is also becoming certified in Canine Massage Therapy.

Her extensive 28 year experience with dogs, combined with over 24 years of owning multiple businesses is what has helped Pierrette, Pete, decide that it is time to take her 44-acres property in the country, with over 5 km of natural trails, to help pups and their people discover what is “pawsible” with a unique and enriching dog camp experience.

Pawsible Pups with Pete now offers a dog camp experience that features positive dog training, fun excursions on her private nature trails, enrichment games for dogs to stimulate their minds and their senses, and lots of fun, rest and relaxation.
Welcome to Pawsible Pups with Pete. We are so happy you and your pups are here! Let’s discover what is possible together!

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