Why Us?

I work with fosters, and families who are adopting or have adopted a puppy or adult dog.

Through my personal foster experience and following the death of our precious Mia, I found that working with dogs who are in transition aligned very well with my work with professionals in transition. Except now the focus was on the dog, and not the human.

I have owned dogs for the past 30 years, having had a multiple-dog home for more than ten years (we currently have four dogs ages 10, 8, 3 and 1 year).

I have fostered 19 dogs in two years, and adopted four dogs from our foster experience, including three puppies (one by me and two by my daughter) and one fearful dog.

I have collectively trained 8 puppies of my own, and through my online puppy classes during the pandemic, 12 additional puppies that I have helped through adolescence and now adulthood.

I am professionally trained by different training schools, all science-based, focusing on the dog’s transformation using respect, patience, and learning.

I have recently added a game-based certification to my toolkit which is a heck of a lot of fun. Through game-based learning, dogs can train for the situation, not in it! It’s phenomenal!

For me, it’s not about the basics like sit, stay, down or come although I can teach that.

It’s about so much more.

  • Relationship-based training
  • Science-based training
  • Game-based training

From the point of view of your dog, and you get to learn and play along.

I don’t focus on the problem. I focus on what is possible, for you and your pup.



Discover what is possible for your pup through positive training, a fun learning experience, while enjoying enriching games, an outdoor environment and a peaceful place to rest and relax.

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Phone, Virtual and In-Person

Retainer-Based Training

Private One-on-One Training

Group Classes –
Puppy, Adolescent, Adult

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